OCTA8.3 for Linux

OCTA8.3 for Linux

Postby takimoto » 2018年Jan月31日(Wed) 21:02

This is OCTA8.3 for Linux.
See INSTALL_LINUX_v8.3_{eng,jp}.pdf for how to install.

OCTA now uses Python3.
You may need to update your analysis scripts.
How to Install (Japanese)
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How to Install (English)
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If Viewer window is ccorrupted

Postby takimoto » 2018年Feb月27日(Tue) 16:40

If you are using a recent Linux distribution (such as Fedora 27) and the View window does not work properly, please try setting the environment variable MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE before starting gourmet:

$ gourmet

If this works, you may add the 'export ...' in your shell startup file, or in the script GOURMET/bin/gourmet (or your copy of it).
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Build process is not finished completely on Ubuntu

Postby dsashie » 2018年May月10日(Thu) 20:24

If you tried to make gourmet on Ubuntu 16.04 or later , will be faced some error from GCC compiler or linker and stopped all build process. Error code depends version number of gcc ( 6 or 7) and not same.
This symptoms will be caused by python3 lib which is installed by system with "apt" or "apt get command".

Work arround of this problem is following

Set up your own python enviroment with following two way.
1 Use python enviroment which is installed by pyenv, miniconda,anaconda etc..
2 Use usr own build python enviroment. download your python from orig web site and build it.

If you finish making your python enviroment, configure command with adding strings on --with-python option.
"./configure --with-python="your python execute file path as return value of `which python`"
like ./configure --with-python="/home/octa/mypython/bin/python"


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